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“Battledogs” on the SYFY Channel

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Magnolia Ice Cream

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Intel Commercial

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Homejoy Commercial

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“Festival of Lights” on Netflix

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    Puneet Prasad

    Puneet Prasad

    Puneet Prasad returned to California after extensive world travel. Puneet attended St. Basil's in Vallejo and Benicia High School. From a young age, he has always been in the spotlight one way or another with his extensive involvement in the athletic and the academic world. He studied math at UCLA while concurrently deejaying around Hollywood, hosting a radio show for K-Rock, participating in local theater & continuing to pursue his passion for movement by training in dance, martial arts and wrestling on his university's team.

    In 2009, Puneet moved to NYC where he did off-Broadway, continued deejaying, danced for "The Ride" in Times Square, and was signed as a model/actor for Wilhemenia and Cinematic. Puneet can be spotted in national commercials, international print ads and films.

    Ever since NYC, Puneet has been traveling around the world for work and is back in California due to recent film, television, model bookings and theater productions through his new agents at Marla Dell Talent (SF) & OneWorld Talent (LA). Puneet is SAG-eligible.



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